This essay is gonna be Legen– wait for it!


-dary! Legendary!

It’s 3 in the morning, I’m at a dark room, I just had my third cup of coffee, and my sister just threw her pillow at me and told me to shut up. I should probably tell you that I am watching How I Met Your Mother. If you are a fan of the show, you would know it’s a famous American sitcom. At first, I only watched it for the laughs. As it turned out, it was more than what I needed.

How I Met Your Mother lets you believe in magic. It asks the viewers to believe in signs, in coincidence, and in destiny. The show also made me believe that no matter how hard things can get, it will still be okay in the end. Whenever I am sad, as per Barney, I just had to stop being sad, and be awesome instead. I also know that the bad things had to happen so that I could appreciate the good things. It’s the kind of show that if you hear someone else talking about it, you know you’d instantly be best friends.

Here are some of the things the show has taught me:

For the most part, it taught me about loyalty. Marshall and Lily are the perfect example for this. They have been together for 10 years and never once did they get tempted with infidelity. Yes, they talk about being attracted to other people, but one thing is for sure. It never got in their way.

The show also taught me that everything happens for a reason. Ted has dated a million of girls and he always think that she is “the one”, and as we all know, he always end up breaking up with her. The writers of the show tell us how perfect a guy Ted is. It led me to ask why can’t he find true love? If Marshall and Lily can, why is it so hard for him to find one? There was a time that I wanted to just crawl inside the laptop and tell him “I’ll be the mother of Leah and Luke!” But, I know that there is a special woman perfectly made for him. That’s why, all those break ups and heart aches had to happen.

Lastly, the show let me believe in destiny. The show taught me that we had to wait for the real thing; no matter how tough it could it for it will all be worth it in the end. I think one of the reasons the mother had to die is so that Ted could be with Robin, the love of his life. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely hated how they did the ending of the series. But, does it make it a bad show? No, it doesn’t. It just had a really sucky ending. I still think that for more than 10 years, they were able to tell one of the greatest stories of all time.

Before I close this essay, I want to leave you with this quote: “People don’t get the chance to discover each other anymore” -Ted, Season 7, Episode 6. Whoever you are, who is reading this, I hope that you find that person who finds it the best thing in the whole world to discover you. What makes you cry, sad, what could make you laugh like a baby seal, and most especially, what makes you happy. Everyone deserves that.

By: Danica Louise Duero


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