The Purge: Anarchy, a movie review

It’s the first time I am doing this, so please if you do not like it, do not report it as ‘inappropriate’. Or report it to the people who loved the movie. They might come and find me. I want to have a future in movie reviewing!  I plan on doing this with all the movies I watched. So here goes. No judgy souls please.

Well, before anything else, I guess this is not entirely a movie review. It’s more of HOW I FELT DURING THE MOVIE account.

It was so much better than the first one. It seems like they wanted to make the first one a horror movie. The second one is a thriller. It’s rare that the sequel gets to be better than the first. It was clear that the writer of the first movie has a secret fantasy of people in masks wanting to kill you. Ugh Gawd. I could not even stand the first 20 minutes.

The overall concept is interesting. It is dark, edgy, and deliciously disturbing. I find myself thinking what if THE PURGE was real? I would probably buy a plane ticket out of the country a week before the annual purge. I am going to the Bahamas baybeee.

I can’t believe they went to there. And when I say there, I meant buying poor people so that the rich could  purge. Gawd! That’s just sooo damn DARK. And scary. I was like No, No, No No. They really went there. Like the poor people do not matter anymore, and the rich people can just buy them and kill them. DO THEY REALLY HAVE TO PURGE???? Like people can have some other form of release right? For example, they can engage into shooting (firing ranges), or sculpting, or if they want something more voilent-ish, they could maybe join the people who work at the market who help  slaughter the pigs, chicken, cow, etc. Now, that is legal.

I was deeply affected. Thus the review.


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