Lesson learned: Never cry on a public transportation vehicle.

It’s 2am and I received a text from B that he’s okay and that he has already moved on.

I’m unsure. Did the fight not mean anything to him? Was I the only one feeling those heartbreaking lines from songs? Lesson learned: Never listen to sad sad sad songs on a Vhire with people you do not know. The sunglasses are clearly not hiding them well enough. And I can’t keep on stealthily wiping the tears off my face. And the tissue? A total give away that I was in fact crying.

March 25- our 6thyear and 4thmonth together and we fought like two people who just started dating. How does a 6year relationship potentially end in a few loooonnngg texts? Maybe we got lost in translation. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe he wanted something else. I do not know. I feel ignored. Am I being too dramatic for feeling this way? Or should I just let my heart feel the pain?

There is one thing I know. I do not want to ask: “So, what do we do now?”

I might be okay but I’m not.

At this rate, I feel that I could write Taylor Swift’s next heartbreak song.



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