How last song syndrome ruined my life.

♪unconditional.. unconditionally.. i will love you, unconditionally♪

It seems that every waking moment, when my brain is not busy attending customer needs, applying credits, and explaining bills, my mind automatically plays this song. IN CONSTANT REPLAY. SAME LYRICS. OVER AND OVER AGAIN.

Ruined may be too harsh of a word to describe this. But I still want use the word for the sake of making a point.

So here are some of the ways, Unconditionally by Katy Perry kind if ruined my life:
1. I sing it. Literally everywhere. On the restroom, the jeep, on my station, at the pantry while buying my lunch, at the pantry when I am eating my lunch, and at that 7-11 store I am too ashamed to go back to.

2. I sing it. I realize that I was singing it. I stop myself, cover my mouth with my hands, and look like a holdup victim for about 15 seconds.

3. The not singing part. People start asking me: “how does that song go again”? Just when I thought I have moved on already, I go back to the starting line.

4. I do not know how to sing. And my self esteem becomes lower whenever I cannot hit that note. Well maybe except when at times I use my falcetto voice. Ehem. Thank God for falcetto’s.

5. ♪unconditional.. unconditionally.. i will love you, unconditionally♪


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