What I missed most about being a kid.

It’s almost my birthday (YAY?), and every year is a reminder that 1) I am getting older, 2) I have bigger responsibilities now (pay the bills, pay my sister’s tuition, and make sure I do not starve, and that I have money for transportation for the next 14 days), and 3) I have to start my life as soon as possible (you know, the one involving kids and my own family).

Growing up can be tough. And when things start to get rough, we always think back to the times that we were young, and only have to worry about what our lunch would be, or if you did your assignment.

I have listed things that I missed. Here goes:

-I miss being carefree. I get to sleep anytime I want. I just have to make my parents think that I am actually sleeping.

-I miss having boo-boos, and have my mom scold me about it.

-I miss that time that I learned how to ride a bike.

-I miss the fact that things were simpler. I am completely happy with a DragonBallZ anime, with a volume of 100 on the TV.

-I miss having to write my Diary. Now, my Diary is  just on Facebook or a Twitter status update.

-I miss being excited for Summer. No classes. No teachers. All play.

-I miss that my parents paid for everything.

-Lastly, I miss not having to impress anyone. Is it wrong? As I grew up, I liked being liked. I wanted to be praised and for everyone to like me.

I have noticed that time slipped faster and faster. I wish I could do a time travel and do those things I did back then. As a kid, I was always excited about Birthdays, Christmas, Weekends, and Summer. But now,  I only get excited about Rest Days and Vacation Leaves.

I believe in never growing up, but you can’t stop life from making you a grown up.



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