Lately, I have been having a lot of serendipitous moments. And, it kind of makes me wonder if the universe is telling me something.

Like for example, I was humming a song, then I hired a taxi, and that taxi was playing that exact same song. Or, like at that time that I was thinking of a certain person, which I normally do not think of, just passed by me and gave me some food. Serendipity right?

And not only did they happen twice, they happened a lot, just this week. I wish the universe would just spell it out for me, or maybe, form the clouds through words saying “Hey Danica, you should stop drinking coffee, your blood is full of caffeine” Or like “YOU, person who thinks she is serendipitous, YOU ARE NOT! You are just over thinking”.

Well, they’re all happy discoveries and coincidences, so I’ll enjoy it, and maybe I will understand what the universe is telling me. In time. Or though other serendipitous moments. I feel that I am playing Connect The Dots with life. :))


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