Earthquake- check! Heels- Double check!

Yesterday, while I was in the middle of chatting; 2 windows– for concurrency, we had an earthquake.

Other people made fun of the event, because apparently it was an earthquake (as if it was a common thing) and some people were crying and there are windows breaking (like The Day After Tomorrow” movie). I am talking about that dispatcher where we wait to ride Tamiya jeepneys. I hate that guy. His reaction was just off. I am not against people who laugh about the situation, but, in case of him, it was a totally different one. He was laughing at the woman crying. He was even clapping when he was telling the story of how the windows broke. Aggrrhh. Whenever I think of the things he said, I feel agitated.

I was not there when IT Park had an earthquake, same as this last year and one of that magnitude, so it was a big deal to me and my friends.

I was trying to compose a response to my uber inquisitive customer, and at the same time complaining that I am so sleepy. All of a sudden everyone’s chairs started rolling about uncontrollably – I thought someone was just running and the asbestos were falling from the ceiling. Everyone was like, “Is this an earthquake?” “Hide under your stations- duck guys!” while we were still in the middle of chatting. I FAILED to CALMLY log out of the computer, bring my keyboard stand (yeah, we hoard this now) and get my bag from my locker. Of course, I was wearing heels.

Everything they did, I did it in heels.

Since I’ve never considered being under an emergency situation, I wore heels. Sure, I can totally walk/run/jump over dead bodies, falling debris, kick some zombies while in heels, if I have to. It just struck me in that moment of shaky-shakiness where no one knew what was going on and all we got are the people with us at that time.

Yes, maybe it was one of those moments that you see your life flash before you. But for me, it was not really like that, well maybe it was. I do not know. I am sure of one thing. I wanted to save myself from the quake. I have a lot to lose.

I hope it does not happen again, which I know it’s pointless of me to say. I just hope everyone is safe.

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by the earthquake… #PrayforVisayas Stay safe, everyone.


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