when did boiling an egg became as hard as answering calculus?

BOILING AN EGG IS NEVER EASY. I mean, I know it does not require rocket science to turn up the gas, boil some water, and put the egg there. And, I cannot believe I can’t even perform that simple boiling task. What if a semi-end -of-the-world would come, and all that’s left is me and eggs? Yikes.

So, I came home from an 11-hour shift from work, and I was hungry. Again. I checked the fridge if there is anything that I could eat. Bacon perhaps, pizza, spaghetti, barbecue, pork, cake or even just a slice of bread. Sadly, none of my dream foods were there. Instead, I got those round, white, breakable, and not-so-fresh eggs. Well, a growing girl has to eat. So, I turned on the gas, put some water on the cooker, and placed the egg. I was thinking “Danica FOR THE WIN!- I found an egg! I will live and not die of starvation”. Yeah, I was broke, so I only had one egg left. ONE 😦 . I was thinking to myself how delicious it would be after it would be boiled. Then, I could add salt in it. I was excited. My mouth was watering from the thought of it.

So, after 5 minutes, I got it out. Placed it in a neutral water so that it could cool down. My stomach became hungrier by the minute. I started peeling off the shell and this is what I got:


an imperfectly unsuccessful un-boiled egg.

And to think I was so excited to eat them. Thank god I have Turtle Prince to cook for me. 

A message to all the guys out there:

Hey you male person, girls love to eat. Girls love food. Seriously. Learn to cook.

To hell with you imperfectly unsuccessful un-boiled egg. I kiss better than I cook. So, all is fair. 🙂 


8 thoughts on “when did boiling an egg became as hard as answering calculus?

  1. Carl D'Agostino says:

    How could you not know the proper way to boil an egg in this hi tech world of information delivery ? Everyone knows you must hop on one leg, wear a baseball cap backwards and sing “Jingle Bells ” for 10 minutes while the egg boils. Sheesh. Where have you been ? Thanks visit my blog.

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