After using my brain in a perpetual motion concentration fest, I have decided to be a Vampire than to be a Fairy.

So, I heard Avril Lavigne’s new single Here’s to never growing up, and I thought, yeah.. She’s absolutely right. It’s like she knows my life motto. The one after being a dreamer.

I remembered that when I was a kid, I used to love (still love) fairies. I got a whole collection for fairy tales with fairies in them. But, now, that I am older, most movies, shows and books are about vampires, wolves, shadowhunters, hunger gamers, minions, robots, zombies, witches, casters, etc.

I was thinking of changing my inner goddess job description to another non-earthly creature. It does not hurt to try out something new. We’ll never know, I might have a natural talent with being another type of mythical creature.

So, after having my mind undergo/undergone a 15 minute perpetual motion concentration fest, I have decided to become a VAMPIRE. Yes, a vampire, like Bella in Twilight. Or,  Kate Beckinsale in Underworld. Or, like Nina Dobrev in Vampire Diaries. I mean, they’re super cool right. They wear black, and they wear black, and yeah, another thing, they wear black. They have this super pale skin- which glitters like diamonds, and they all look good. Like really good. Vampires, being already dead, do not need most normal things required for human life, such as oxygen, or normal coffee from Starbucks, or go to the derma and have a diamond peel. Vampires are sometimes considered to be shape-shifters too. I can’t wait to become a bird, or a super famous celebrity (that’s still shape shifting right?).

So, I was browsing the worldwideweb for some vampire pictures to put on this blog, and I found myself scared. Super scared that I almost threw my laptop so that I could not see the pictures.  I mean, damn, it’s SCAAARRRRYYY. And the blood. Yes, the blood. If I would submit my application form to the Vampire City Hall and they’d require to do some tests, I would probably, and without a doubt fail. What can I say, I am scared of blood. I know, I could bleed for a week, and not die, and I have seen blood for 10 years now, with a once a month regular schedule. But, the fact that seeing them having fangs, with blood in it, biting another person, scared the hell out of me. You can’t blame me, I never really liked horror movies. The closest I got was watching The Walking Dead, with my sister beside me.

I was thinking that  I should just not change being a fairy. I should have added another 15 minute to my thinking fest. After all, fairies are still beautiful, and they have wings, and fairy dust, and they make other people’s wishes come true, and give you money if you leave a tooth under your pillow. They’re still mythical creatures, and I have been in love with them my whole life.

So, I was picturing myself as a vampire, and thought that this is how I would look.


Cool right?

Then, as a fairy, this would be how I would look.


Still cool. But, a hundred times cooler because I am not scared of them. I don’t want to be scared with my inner goddess. So, I’ll just keep playing the little fairy for now. 🙂


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