The 11 Guys You Meet in Cebu

10 Guys You’ll Meet in Cebu (Reblog)


An answer to my good friend Mikel’s post about ’10 Girls You Meet in Cebu’. To read the original piece, click here

The article was initially 10 guys but I had to add one more item by request. Although this post was published in April 2013, 5 months later I stumbled upon an awesome visual rendition of “my boys” on Behance by the very talented Stephanie Tudtud. She only illustrated 9 of the 11 but it’s still great to see my boys in cartoon version. Check her post here:

Warning: If you read this thinking you can relate, if you are not open-minded, if you don’t have a sense of humor, if OA ka and Feeler, please click the BACK button on your browser because this post is not for you.


1. The good guy

He’s the guy who doesn’t…

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