Breakout of the living dead. Heads up, this is not in any way a review about World War Z or the Walking Dead. Or any zombies for that matter. And, yes, Plants Vs Zombies still doesn’t count.

I mentioned on the title that this is not a movie/game/book/series review about zombies. So, if you think you are gonna get those full blown critics, I suggest you stop reading now and open another blog.

On second thought, while you are here, why not continue reading?

So, for the past couple of weeks, I was having a pimple breakout. I call them living dead for according to my Biology professor, the skin is dead and they still managed to creep out from my forehead. Smart right? Well, not really. I tried to hide them with my bangs, but, they they are the type of pimples that say you-can’t-hide-me-im-in-the-other-side-of-your-forehead-bitch. I tried to change the direction of my bangs for about an hour, yes, an hour of concentrated effort to make it look good. But, failed. I could actually hear my living dead singing WE’RE BREAKING FREE!

I was about to ask them that if they are planning to stay on my face, they should pay for rent. I decided not to. I was afraid that they might actually do.

I managed to create a list for the things I did for the last 3 weeks. All were my attempts to hide, conceal, remove, kill, expunge, or whatever you call it– my dearest living dead.


-I just washed it with soap and water, thinking it would only last for 3 days.

-I bought a facial wash.

-dammit, facial wash did not work. i rubbed it with lemons.

-still, none was effective. i went to a dermatologist. of course, i did not follow doctor’s orders. doctor gave me a 2 page RX pad, and made me repeat the steps. i was still confident that it would not last for more than a week.

-last count: 13 pimples.


-i continued to wash my face regularly

-i ate fruits. note, i did not scrub them on my face this time.

-read on how to lose a pimple in a week. they only tell you to sleep and drink 8 glasses of water a day. ugghhh.

-applied a concealer

-applied a concealer on top of the concealer.

-applied a BB cream on top of a concealer that is on top another concealer.

-applied an exfoliating and rejuvinating cream.

-yay! seems that it’s working now.

-last count: 10 pimples.


-oh god, what do  i have to do? they became 13 AGAIN!!!

-tried not to think about it.

-became very conscious about people staring at my face. dammit, i’m unstable.

-thought that i was distorted by socially constructed ideas of beauty.

-last count: 5 pimples!!!! wuhoooo! i’m practically doing a somersault now.

So, I asked Google, and found out there is no law for hating pimples. You can’t blame me right? Can anyone point me to a person that actually loves and adores his/her pimps? I’ll give you a kiss if you. In







No more kiss. Offer expired. Sorry.

But, in the end, I realized that I just have to accept that they are part of me, and as I am for them. But, it does not mean I love them. I just accept them. I say that I’ve got these problems. There are people sleeping on the streets while I scrub my face with lemons. So, I’m shutting up now and thanking God that my only problem is my pimple on my forehead.


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