Japan is not such an awesome place after all!

At some point, we have to realize that some people can stay in our hearts, but not in our lives.


Meggy, I won’t tell you that in Japan, the hospitals are closed on evenings and weekends. I won’t tell you that Japanese people work too much, or that you’d have to memorize your Katakana and Hiragana again. What I will tell you is on why you’d miss us. 

Help yourself with some pictures.


Are you crying now? Well, it’s not yet time.

I said before that life is best when you can share it with friends that has the same sick, twisted personality, as yourself. I can say that you are one of the sickest friends that I have had. They’d say you are cute, I’d say you are crazy. Crazy in a good way. And, that is why I love you. We have conquered spines (with our megaphoned voices). We have stolen “tiil-tiil” (I know  for a fact that you still have one with you). As they always say, when you are talking to a really good friend, you have conversations impossible to understand by other people. Remember the tata!? The wuhooo, hollah, and our attempt to increase energy by not talking and using our bodies to show what we want to say. Heck, we even have a fist bump!  We’ve talked  about anime’s,  manga,  food,  boys,  movies, books, hunger games, algernon, yakult, on why the sky is blue, the justice league hero that we are both scared of, our chats, our customers, ARIES, oh! that’s a typo. Damn, my backspace won’t work. Oh well.


Basically, we have fun. We are having fun because of you. Not that we’d laugh at you, I’d say we’d laugh with you. Because you are  there to make us happy, to make us laugh, to remind us that  there are still cuteness in the world.

I can say that we all graduated with honors in the field of Girlfriendology. Ha! I just made that up. And that you are our Valedictorian. Sorry Aeya, Cum Laude bitaw ka sa CNU. =P Anyways, we will all miss you. We truly will. 

Way back in Cable, you, me and Aeya were inseparable. I remember that we’d have breaks and lunch together. We even eat breakfast afterwards. You’d give us Yakults. It’s really nice to know that someone cares so much about your digestive system. We have you to thank for that. 

I remember that you did not have any idea on what a crush is about, like, or being in love. My wish for you is that you’d find someone in Japan that will give you his coat when you are cold, wash the dishes on your kitchen sink and will want to grow old with you. And, I wish for him to look like this. Yummy right?Image

Here goes the last part. 



This is our last picture, with the 3 of us together. And 2 years from now, let’s agree that we  meet back in Paris. It’s the most romantic city in the world! See? I told you, Japan is not such an awesome place after all.



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