Arguments? Merriam, I need help.

I was never the type of girl that can say what she has to say when an argument arises. I’d rather write about it than tell the other person how I really feel.  I’m one of those  flinstones. A total cavegirl that was given a once in a lifetime chance (other cavegirls would kill for it) to be frozen in ice and transported in the future, and waste the chance by running away CRAZILY, looking for my own cave. I know deep down, I’d use the leaves I find as a blanket. 

I should have been just a turtle! I could hide back in my own house anytime I want to. No pressure from all the drama.

Urgghh. What is wrong with me? Why can’t I be one of those girls that knows how to stand up for themselves? 

I must be a masochist to keep putting myself into these situations. I need help. I need to see a shrink or have a magic wand where I can pop a zip to that other person’s mouth so that I can talk.  Or the other way around, that could work too. Seems that the zipper is on me mouth. 


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