on coffees and books


I am perfectly content with a good book and a hot cup of coffee.

This is my 4th cup since I woke up 23:00, and its now 06:22. I am declaring  myself a coffee drunkard! Yes friends, its official, I am the mistress of the coffee king.

I worship coffee. I have my own just.the.way.i.like.it blend. It’s nothing fancy, like Starbucks or Bo’s, not even the 2PM Sunday Cafe. As simple as it may seem, all I need is a cup, my families hot-cold water generator (not sure what it’s called- it has the Red for Hot and Blue for Cold), 2 half-teaspoonfuls of sugar, and Nestle’s 3 in 1 coffee! And I would have my best.cofee.ever.experience.

So, I was reading Gabriel’s Inferno. It’s one of those romance books with possessive, jealous, and overly protective bad boys. And, I needed a break. I did not want it to end. It’s just too good. I’m a sucker for bad boys. I even wanted to take it out to dinner. I’ve read it in the jeep, on the tryc, damn these prepositions. Always makes me confused.

I hear Gabriel calling me. Tata for now blog. I know I just started having a relationship with you today, but I need to go back to Gabriel. He’s waiting for me. I’ll give you a full blow by blow review when I come back.


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